Next Reunion Site:

2018 - St.Louis, MO

Potential Future Sites

2019 - Baltimore, MD

2020 - Denver, CO

USS Caliente AO-53


We held our very successful 2017 USS Caliente reunion in Porltand, OR.

Our 2018 Reunion will be held in St. Louis, MO around the 2nd week of September.  Details will be released as soon as they are determined.  This reunion will take place and will not be canceled.

Preliminary Contact Info for next reunion

This form can be used to indicate your intention to attend the next reunion.  Fill out and click submit.

At the current reunion we vote on the site for the next reunion.  Once the next site is selected that reunion will happen.   We know, in the past, you may have been concerned about making reservations etc. due to a possible cancellation of the reunion.  That will not happen in the future.  Once the reunion is published in the Pipeline along with the Registration Form it will happen.  We know it's difficult to commit to something nine or so months in advance but the financial commitment to the hotel and number of rooms reserved were made prior to the Registration form being distributed.  We understand that persons get sick, or other circumstances may come up, but in order to have a successful reunion, we need you, our shipmates, to make plans and let us know so number of rooms that have been blocked can be adjusted if necessary.  If you send in your Registration Form along with money and you have to cancel you will receive a refund. 

Please fill out the above form and click submit or email me: or use snail mail: USS Caliente Association c/o Pat Hurton. 156 Greenfield Drive, Chico, CA 95973-0185.  A copy of the email should be addressed to Jeff Sturgis

Previous Reunions:

1989 - New York, NY
1990 - Baltimore, MD
1992 - New Orleans, LA
1993 - Boston, MA
1995 - Long Beach, CA
1997 - Washington, DC
1999 - New York, NY
2001 - Chicago, IL
2002 - Las Vegas, NV
2003 - San Francisco, CA
2005 - Philadelphia, PA
2006 - Seattle, WA
2007 - Charleston, SC
2008 - San Antonio, TX
2009 - Minneapolis, MN
2010 - San Diego, CA
2011 - Norfolk, VA
2012 - Albuquerque, NM
2013 - Springfield, IL (informal)
2014 - Chicago

2015 - New Orleans, LA

2016 - Boston, MA

2017-  Portland, OR